Tennis Court Calls

Court Calls

Rules Videos

1.   Backspin Over Net Shot
If a shot spins back on your side of the net is it legal for your opponent to hit it?

2.   Ball On Court.
If your opponent has a sitter and a ball rolls on the court and you call interference, what happens?

3.   Taking Your Time.
If you or your opponent takes time to call a ball out?

4.   Double Bounce
On a double bounce whose call is it?

5.   Foot Fault
Can the receiver call a foot fault on the server?

6.   Change Your Line Call
What happens if while playing doubles your partner calls it out and as a returner you don't return it?

7.   Catching A Ball
If you catch a ball that is clearly out, whose point is it?

8.   Whiff A Serve
If you completely whiff a serve, what happens?